Monday, August 31, 2009

ThisIz A Classic..

My Album Review For Jay-Z's Blueprint III

"What We Talkin' About" (Ft. Luke Of Steele Empire Of Sun)
- ThisIz probably Jay's best intro since "The Dynasty". The lyrical delivery is at its finest, this is the beginning of a CLASSIC.. What We Talkin' About?
Rating: 9/10
"Thank You"
- Thisiz a laid back song. The record has a beautiful vibe."Thank You Thank You, Your Far Too Kind"
Rating: 8/10
"D.O.A. (Death Of The Auto-Tune)"
- ThisIz hip hop at its finest. "This is Anti-Auto-Tune, Death Of The Ringtone/This Ain't For Itunes This Ain't For Sing-A-Longs"
Rating: 9/10
"Run This Town (Ft. Rihanna & Kanye West)"
- Thisiz Roc Nation showing us why their on top of the game. Rihanna murders the hook, its good to hear her voice & know she still killing it. Jay-Z delivers & Kanye's Verse Speaks for itself.
Rating: 8/10
"Empire State Of Mind (Ft. Alicia Keys)"
- Thisiz a CLASSIC. Alicia Keyes does her thing on the hook & Jay-Z lyrics are great. The chemistry on the track is outstanding. ThisIz Hot97 ThisIz New York.
Rating: 10/10
"Real As It Gets (Ft. Young Jeezy)"
- ThisIz as Real As It Gets lol. The sing does not disappoint. It is exactly what you would expect from a Jay-Z x Young Jeezy Collaboration.
Rating: 9/10
"On To The Next One (ft. Swizz Beatz)"
-Thisiz Swizz Beatz delivering again like he has been all year. Jay Kills it with lines like "Hov On That New Shit, Niggas Like How Come?/Niggas Want My Old Shit, Buy My Old Album/Niggas Stuck On Stupid, I Gotta Keep It Moving/ Niggas Make The Same Shit, Me? I Make The Blueprint"
Rating: 9/10
"Off That (Ft. Drake)"
- Thisiz not what i was expecting. I was anticipating a real hip hop track, like verse for verse you know? None the less the track is hot, Its a trendsetting club banger. I respect the overall objective of the song. "Cris We Off That, Timbs We Off That. Rims We Off That/ Is You Still Making Money? Cause We Still On That"
Rating: 7/10
"A Star Is Born (Ft. J. Cole)"
- Thisiz Mr. Carter talking about all the stars he's witnessed come up. Bar for bar Jay delivers."Luda Moved Dights, After He Moved Bitches/ Drakes Up Next See What He Do With It". J. Cole shows everyone he deserves to be on the track with Hov & he does his thing.
Rating: 10/10
"Venus vs. Mars"
- Thisiz Different. Timbaland didnt disappoint & nor does Jay. "Shortie Like Pac, Me? Big Poppa/ Screaming Hit Em Up Im Scream Who Shot Ya"
Rating: 7/10
"Already Home(Ft. KiD CuDi)"
- Thisiz Way Better Then I Thought It Would Be. Cudi's only on the hook & he murders it. Jay-Z.. You Already Know. The Chemistry is surprising good, I Love This One..Already lol.
Rating: 9/10
"Hate (Ft. Kanye West)"
- ThisIz the type of record i expected to see with drake. Whenever Ye jumps on his own beat you know its a problem. With lines like "How Much They Hate It? Very/ Kiss Girls Like Kate Perry/ I Aint Never Sprung, But I Spring-Her..Jerry" Haha Jay-Z murders it as well, im still trying to decide who has the best verse...
Rating: 8/10
- Thisiz a Reminder. "What The Hell Have Ya'll Done?..To Even Have An Opinion On What I've Been Doing/ What The Hell Have Ya'll Won?..The Only Thing You Can Identify With is Losing/Ten Number One Albums In A Row Who Better Then Me? Only The Beatles No One Is Ahead of Me/ I Crush Elvis In His Blue Suede Shoes/Made The Rolling Stones Seem Sweet As Kool-Aid Too"
Rating: 9/10
"So Ambitous (Ft. Pharrell)"
- ThisIz what you would expect. Jay-Z lethal lyrics & Skateboard P's smooth voice On the hook. ThisIz So Ambitous...
Rating: 8/10
"Young Forever (Ft.Mr. Hudson)"
ThisIz the perfect way to close out the album. considering Mr. Hudson says Forever Young & NOT Young Forever im a little confused on the title. Overall its a beautiful record, with a lot of lines to think about "Do You Really Want To Live Forever?..Forever..Forever Young."
Rating: 10/10

"The Blueprint III"
In Stores 9/11


Trey Songz x Drake - Successful - Official Vid. (Tr-ey's "Ready"On Stores NOW!)
MusiqBonus)Jay-Z - Hate f. Kanye West(Must Have)("BP3" In Stores 9/11)

A Star Is Born..

Giuliono Fujiwara Spring/Summer 2010 Trainers

Many more looks at the Giuliano Fujiwara Spring/Summer 2010 Trainers can be seen at Selectism. BTW The Blueprint III Did Leak, "Hate" Will Be The Last Track Im Posting From It Though.
MusiqBOnus)Jay-Z - A Star Is Born f. J. Cole ("BP3" In Stores 9/11)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Started to drop in international doors last month but have slowly started to hit US base retailers now so look out for them at your local Nike dealers. The raw selvage denim is two-toned in a darker and lighter version with contrast stitching to mimic that of premium denim. Also notice the brown Nike emblem on the heel that mimics the hem stitch on a fresh pair of jeans. Other details include the white and red selvage piping (also seen in the picture on the jean cuffs) and a Levis-esque Nike tag in white and red.
Source)Kanye's Blog

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Asher Roth x Keri Hilson = Dope..

Asher Roth x Keri Hilson - She Don't Wanna Man

Air Jordan 11 " Space Jam"

One of the most notable sneakers of all time – worn by Michael Jordan in the 1996 film “Space Jam” – will be re-released later this year. Not only did Jordan wear these on the silver screen, but also during the 1995-96 NBA Season where he won the championship and was crowned MVP. Hits stores November 27th, 2009.
-MusiqBonus)KiD CuDi - Follow Me("Man On The Moon:The End Of Day" In Stores 9/15)
Source:Highsnobiety & 2DopeBoyz

Aaliyah , January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001


Nike Dunk 2010 Preview..
MusiqBonus)Jay-Z - Reminder [Prod. By Timbaland](BP3 In Stores 9/11!)

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Money To Blow..

Here Are Some Dope Back To School Items You Guys Should Check Out
"Two In The Shirt Fresher In Kicks Tee" Available At Metropark
"Maybe The Smartest Purchase I Made This Summer. If Sound Matters To You, The $300 Price Tag Is Worth It." Mena| Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones
Billionaire Boys Club Sunglasses & Backpack

10Deep Veni Vidi Vici Zip Hoodie
I Just Picked The Kicks Up At Blue & Cream In East Hampton. Nike Sb x Nike Dunk Collab? Its Has To Be Dope, Nd Im Coming Back For The Bag haha There Available At Blue&Cream

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jay-Z x Rihanna x Kanye West - Run This Town

1st Official Single Of The Blueprint 3 & The Best
Video I've Seen In A Long Time.
Hip Hop Is Alive &
And with a line up like that...This Should Be an Instant Classic...Jay-Z "The Blueprint 3" In Stores 9/11

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Tha Menace x Gemini..

Ik i told ya'll i'd hit ya'll wit them pics from the hamptons & I will. I heard this tape though & i had too post this..Trust me on this one!!
Download HERE

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lounging In The Hamptons = Lamptons

ik i've been slacking on my blogging game lately. i plan to jump back on my bs when i get back from East Lampton lol. I have some dope pics wit fam & the BEST store in East Lampton..Blue & Cream which i will put up when i get back. Shouts to Jeff & Street everyones rly nice but the exclusives are crazy. The kicks are serious i picked up some new joints, its a surprise on which ones i got but i promise their DOPE.
The Lampton Hoodie is another dope exclusive sold only at B&C. People Like Terrell Owens, Lauren Conrad, Leonardo Dicaprio, Diggy Simmons & Aaron Reid like to Barock the swag sold at B&C. Other stores worth mentioning that i went to are Rugby & Scoop but u can find both of those other places besides the Hamptons. Like i said i'll be posting some off the dopest things when i get back. God Bless Everybody & bbl

Monday, August 17, 2009

When The Moneys Goes, Will The Honey Stay?

Fabolous x Jay-Z - "Money Goes , Honey Stay" Official Video

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Kid Cudi's Debut Album's Artwork

Kid Cudi - "Man On The Moon: The End Of Day" 9/15 GO SUPPORT!!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Im Good..

"200 hundred dollar jeans with my favorite patch/
pulling out my ride, hell yeah the rims match!/
What they tell ya IM GOOD!"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Greedy Genius Ocean Runner "Big Blue"

One of Greedy Genius’ brightest releases to date, the Ocean Runner has seen itself done in a series of upcoming colorways, the latest including this “Big Blue” version. The high-top takes on slight boat shoe traits in a hybrid sneaker form with a release date just in time for late fall/holiday season. The Bloody Beetroots first single “Awesome,” which features rap duo The Cool Kids is now available for download here. ITS DOPE
Source: Hypebeast

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Must Have..

Complex August/September Issue
Cudi's Dope. Keri's Fine, They Both Fly. DOPE COVERS Shouts2 So-Me!

Got Bars 5/29 Big Sean " I Do It " Verse 1

I do it
I do it
I do it

I waited my whole life to be the man of the hour
Really can’t lie, I was the man when I started
I will be the man when I die
Man these hoes, take your money
And I take their virginity
I’m high, I split an O in half, now it’s a parenthesis
Crazier than crazy, ape shit, retardedly stupid
I put that weed in an uhh and pass it
Yep thats ally oopin, okay
Oh, thats your girl
Well I don’t give a massa two shits (Massachusets)
Okay I’m westside, westside till I’m riding underneath them tulips
You bordo like Enrique, I’m toupee, I’m three-pee
I’m looking like I’mma sweep stakes
But I treat ya girl like a cheap skate
Cause I need a crib, a big estate
I need a boat and that need a lake
I need some salmon, that need a plate
That need a chef so I feed my safe
My crew is who I’d be widdy-be-wid-it
Rose I sippity-sip-it
I’m Quagmire I f-ck hoes
My cashflow I giggity-giggity it
Boy, I’m cock-a-mania
The most zaniest, insaniant
Pulling up in Merced-iance
Rolling up like I’m Damian
I love girls that Arabian, Albanian, caucasian
I ride around gettin cranium cause my dick is hard as titanium
Oh boy you had your chance, and blew it (you blew it)
Stand aside and watch a real n-gga do it

Strive To Be The Best...

Strive To Be The Best...