Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Playlist Of The Day (Shouts2AaronReid)

These Are The Songs That Have The Most Plays On My Ipod In The Last Couple Weeks.. Check It

1. La Di Da - Asher Roth

2. Boom Boom Pow Remix (Ft. Kid Cudi) - The Black Eyed Peas

3. Birthday Sex Remix (Ft. Fabolous & Teairra Mari) - Jeremih

4. When I Step In The Club - Swizz Beatz

5. Simple (Ft. Juelz Santana & Keri Hilson) - Ron Browz

6. Spit (ft. Kevin Rudolf) - Lil Wayne

7. Diddy Bop (Ft. Yung Joc) - Diddy

8. Kinda Like A Big Deal (Ft. Kanye West) - The Clipse

9. I Get It In - 50 Cent

10. So Much Swag (Ft. Bow Wow) - Ocean's 7

11. His Dream - Asher Roth

12. Don't Wanna Come Down - Trey Songz

13. It's My Time (ft. Jeremih) - Fabolous

14. Day 'N' Nite Crookers Remix - Kid Cudi

15. Let Me See The Booty (Ft. Lil Jon) - The-Dream

16. Im The Sh*t Remix (ft. Kanye West & Estelle) - Dj Class

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Got Bars 5/29 Big Sean " I Do It " Verse 1

I do it
I do it
I do it

I waited my whole life to be the man of the hour
Really can’t lie, I was the man when I started
I will be the man when I die
Man these hoes, take your money
And I take their virginity
I’m high, I split an O in half, now it’s a parenthesis
Crazier than crazy, ape shit, retardedly stupid
I put that weed in an uhh and pass it
Yep thats ally oopin, okay
Oh, thats your girl
Well I don’t give a massa two shits (Massachusets)
Okay I’m westside, westside till I’m riding underneath them tulips
You bordo like Enrique, I’m toupee, I’m three-pee
I’m looking like I’mma sweep stakes
But I treat ya girl like a cheap skate
Cause I need a crib, a big estate
I need a boat and that need a lake
I need some salmon, that need a plate
That need a chef so I feed my safe
My crew is who I’d be widdy-be-wid-it
Rose I sippity-sip-it
I’m Quagmire I f-ck hoes
My cashflow I giggity-giggity it
Boy, I’m cock-a-mania
The most zaniest, insaniant
Pulling up in Merced-iance
Rolling up like I’m Damian
I love girls that Arabian, Albanian, caucasian
I ride around gettin cranium cause my dick is hard as titanium
Oh boy you had your chance, and blew it (you blew it)
Stand aside and watch a real n-gga do it

Strive To Be The Best...

Strive To Be The Best...